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Rolling paper size 1 1/2

The rolling paper size 1 1/2 Extra is 78mm long and 60mm wide. It is not as squere as the Double Size, but it is wider than other more standard formats such as 1/14 or SW short paper. It comes in booklets of 32 leaves.

Leaf size


No. of booklets per display

25 - 50

No. of leaves of paper per booklet


No. of displays per drawer


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Small rolling paper in a booklet of Double Window SW - DW
Is the smallest paper that comes in a double booklet of 100 leaves: 50 + 50.


The largest rolling paper, with a length of 110 mm and a width of 54 mm. It comes in booklets of 32 or 50 leaves.

Block 500 1 1/4

Block 500 1 1/4
A booklet that can hold between 200 and 500 leaves of paper. It is available with 1 1/4 and King Size Slim papers.

Rolls 54mm

Papel de liar en rollo, formato Rolls
Rolling paper in roll format. Available in SW, 1 1/4 and King Size, with widths of 37, 44 or 54 mm and different lengths.

Do you want to create
your own rolling paper?

Choose booklet format and type of paper and we take care of manufacturing it. Fully customized and ready to market.