Iberpapel. Specialised rolling paper factory


Rolling papers manufactured with the use of renewable energies.

All the energy used by Iberpapel to manufacture its rolling paper booklets comes from renewable energy sources.

In addition, we have our own installation of photovoltaic (solar) panels, which ensures the generation of solar electric energy for self-consumption.

Specifically, we have 276 panels installed that produce 450Wp each, which results in 124.20 kWp. From this solar power plant, we obtain 192.5 MWh per year.

The use of clean electrical energy does not produce greenhouse gases, helps reduce global warming, avoids the use of fossil fuels, and contributes to sustainable development.


Do you want to create
your own rolling paper?

Choose booklet format and type of paper and we take care of manufacturing it. Fully customized and ready to market.