Iberpapel. Specialised rolling paper factory

Iberpapel SLU becomes part of the project “Vicky’s dream”

This important project, fundraiser against childhood cancer, wants to show the reality and problems of this disease, as well as the need for research to advance and find specific treatments for children.

Current childhood cancer treatments produce serious problems that prevent them from leading a normal life after overcoming the disease. It is therefore necessary to work on preventing side effects during and after treatments and get a better quality of life.

There are many ways to advance against childhood cancer and with this project we opt for research, since without research there is no cure, nor improvement in treatments.

Improving the quality of life of a single child is already a great success.


Do you want to create
your own rolling paper?

Choose booklet format and type of paper and we take care of manufacturing it. Fully customized and ready to market.