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Iberpapel main sponsor of the race “I Trofeo Rafa Valls Fira de Tots Sants”

Iberpapel reaffirms its commitment to sports by being the main sponsor of the I Trofeo Rafa Valls Fira de Tots Sants on December 2, 2023. A national-level competition in which around 500 people participated.

We are excited to continue supporting local sports at initiatives like this, being part of a movement that goes beyond competition, promoting values such as effort, dedication, and personal growth.

The “I Trofeo Rafa Valls is part of the” ‘Challenge Comunitat Valenciana CX 23/24,’ as the regional league is known, takes place in the cyclocross modality. In fact, this event is also eligible for national scoring, with the participation of around five hundred individuals.

In this race, different generations of the same family compete in their respective categories on the same day, including grandchildren, children, parents, and mothers.


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