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This is how Intertabac ’23 went for Iberpapel

We would like to express our gratitude to all the customers and suppliers who visited our booth at the International InterTabac 2023 Fair a few weeks ago in Dortmund, Germany.

The fair turned out to be an exceptional event where we had the opportunity to meet in person and catch up with colleagues in the industry.

During this event, we had the pleasure of hosting numerous customers and suppliers, and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to discuss the latest trends, innovative products, and customized solutions for the tobacco and rolling paper industry, as well as prospective clients who have placed their trust in our expertise in the art of rolling paper.

Iberpapel is experiencing substantial growth thanks to the dedicated team of individuals who make it what it is, always striving for innovation, sustainability, and continuous product development. This year, we wanted to reflect some of that growth with an innovative and expressive booth design, filled with products where every visitor could experience the quality and even take some samples.

We also introduced our own rolling paper brand, Pay-Pay, with an exclusive area at the booth to showcase our full range of products.

Our experience at InterTabac 2023, as in previous years, was extremely enriching. We were able to share our ongoing commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellence in rolling paper manufacturing.

Additionally, we presented some of our latest innovations in our products, which were well-received by the industry (colored papers, new formats, packaging, etc.).

We are excited to announce that we are already preparing for the 2024 edition of InterTabac. We plan to exceed expectations and provide even more value next year for anyone who wishes to visit us.

We are still following up with the hundreds of contacts we collected during the fair. If you couldn’t come by to say hello, you can still get in touch with us.

See you next year!

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